A Better Relationship Is Closer Than You Think

We're willing to bet you arrived at this page because you're not feeling as connected to your partner as you'd like to. You're probably not even with him (or her) right now. Your partner may not even know that you're feeling lonely, left-out, and maybe even lazy.


What if there was an easy way to achieve greater connection without having to do a ton of work? What if you could make just a few small changes that helped you feel more alive, awake, and aware?


We're convinced there is. And that you can. We've worked with hundreds of clients, poured over reams of research, and even experienced change in our own marriages time and time again. If we've learned anything, it's this...




One of the biggest obstacles to greater connection is "time". And one of the biggest objections to getting relationship help is "cost". What if we could take both of those away? 


We've come up with a way for you to re-claim your time to re-establish your intimacy. We call it MARRIAGE IN MOTION, an online course to show you exactly how to create more connection, compassion, and creativity in your relationship.

Here's What You'll Get Today...

What Are They Saying?

IRA & ANDREA -- “What a wonderful way to proactively spend time together without the expense of therapy. The content of MARRIAGE in MOTION is incredibly rich. It is my hope that you develop the killer marriage platform that changes the course of marriages for generations to come.”

CHARLIE & JEN -- "MARRIAGE in MOTION is filled with wisdom. The insight we discovered last night was about trust. For some reason I’ve always thought of trust as an absolute – either intact or broken. But seeing trust between partners as a bank account, where our behaviors are either deposits (trust-building) or withdrawals (trust-diminishing)... was eye-opening."

JILL & JOHN -- "Think of it. We live in a different hemisphere than Zach and Laura. Still, they faithfully meet us in our home – every single week – at a time of our choosing. They are engaging, easy to follow, and willing to move at our pace. And it’s working! We’re building a stronger marriage. We’re enjoying a closer connection. We’re so grateful for this opportunity!"

KARIANNE & JASON -- “This course has been gold to us. We've always thought we had a pretty good marriage. We wanted better, but didn't know how to get there. Until we were introduced to MARRIAGE in MOTION. You gave us practical insights so that we could get small wins…every…single…day. You’ve helped make this marriage better.

Marriage in Motion

MARRIAGE in MOTION is based on actual empirical research of what thriving, connected, lasting relationships are made of. It's worth over $2000 but you can have it today for 85% off...at no risk.


The "Better Marriage" Guarantee

We have the scientific data to support our training. We know precisely what behaviors are relationship-building and which behaviors are relationship-diminishing. If you watch the videos, do the exercises, and follow our process – you will absolutely, positively begin to transform your marriage. If you don’t agree we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

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